4aThe football situation in Belize, while lacking the significance and weight of the BTL mess, still maintains some similarities. For example, the government has made the BTL thing all about Lord Ashcroft, just as they have made the football thing all about FFB President Bertie Chimilio. And both are also very complicated. When we reported on the outcome of the case lodged by the FFB against GOB early this week, we reported it as a victory for the FFB. Other media entities which are a little less objective and a little more pro-GOB and anti-Chimilio reported it as a victory for the government.

So we decided to dig a little deeper. The case was decided in Chambers and out of public scrutiny, so attorneys on both sides came out with their spin on the Justices ruling. But today CTV-3 managed to obtain a legal document which offers a little more detail on what went on behind closed doors.

One matter resolved was Governments attorney conceded that there was no legal basis for the National Sports Council to demand the financial statements of the FFB, so that was taken off the table.

Another matter involved both parties agreeing that with all demanded documents being handed over to the National Sports Council, a decision on registration of the FFB be made no later than June 30th, at which point they would appear again before Justice Minette Hafiz-Bertram.

Thirdly, as regards the Police decision to deny security to the game between Belize and Montserrat, it was decided that with the registration of the FFB, the Police would be duty-bound to provide security.

And in light of those decisions, the FFB, we are told, decided not to re-file a claim for declarations to the Court.

After looking at the legal document, our view of the facts, which is that the FFB came out of the case with the upper hand, remains. Of course, our opinion means absolutely nothing, and neither does a commitment made before the Court, apparently, since the deadline has passed and the National Sports Council remains noncommittal.

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