Today National Sports Coordinator Miley Garcia called in to Love FM to say that they have been unable to decide on the registration of the FFB because they have not been able to get all their members together. Its a lame excuse, and it seems that the National Sports Council isnt trying very hard. Garcia confirmed that when he said that the National Sports Council gave no undertaking to deal with the matter in a hurry.

Today we spoke to Alex Palacio, who is on the National Selections Committee of the FFB to get an update.

alecAlex Palacio National Selections Committee, FFB

“We were informed that there was a court case on Monday and there was a mandate for the National Sport Council to register the FFB by Yesterday, June 30th, as far as I understand it up until eight last night there was no such registration. We heard the correspondence via Love FM, from Miley Garcia that there have really done what they are suppose to do, so we are kind of are amazed to know what is there stand but other source have told me that the National Sports Council have about twenty one members and they have not been able to get all its members. What we are seeing here is like a stalling process because we have a deadline to meet, one our registration was yesterday and two our game was suppose to be played by the tenth of July 2011, if that game is not played what would be more likely to happen is that our team would not advance in the Brazil 2014.”

Palacio also gave us a little more information on the suspension of the FFB by FIFA.

Alex Palacio National Selections Committee - FFB

“By the tenth of July, what happened it was a suspension based on game, not on the FFB status, remember at the time we were suppose to play our game on June 19th, we were not offered security and FIFAs’ policy is that if anyone is to come to your country, it can be a visit of whatever, is that the government of Belize responsibility to provide security for those officials as well as local populace at that time that was not provided, so for the court case on Monday, the Commissioner of Police is also tasked to report to court to answer why they don’t provide security on the June 19th.”

As we showed you last night on our newscast, Belize has moved up 18 spots on the World Rankings for Football, and is now placed at 154. But none of that matters if this matter is not resolved in a hurry.

Alex Palacio National Selections Committee FFB

“For the time being, our suspension only stated if you don’t play the game by 10th of July, we are excluded from the world cup qualifier. The FFB will still exist but Belize will get suspended more than likely we can run as far as to suspend for ten years. As the letter stated the officials of the FFB will not be affected and there is no other legal position that will take over the status over the FFB because it will not be represented by FIFA, so I see ourselves out in the court for many, many years and I am not sure if it is really where we want to go but at the end of the day we need to look at the bigger picture is not about Dr. Chimilio and myself, because we are going to come and go, nor Minister Saldivar. What about young players’ dream to want to play internationally? What about our present player, are we going to kill their future because of personality crashes?”

Well keep behind this story as it unfolds one way or the other.

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