While we were doing our usual rounds in town this morning we encountered a group of persons raising funds by the Orange Walk Central Park. Now, it is nothing unusual but when we hear about a child who is in need of financial assistance in order to receive medical attention we feel it is our obligation to stop and assist by putting that childs story on the news with the hope of touching your heart.

The Parents Alliance for Persons with Personal Needs was raising funds for Osmar Ku who is in urgent need of an MRI. Ku suffers from Cerebral Palsy a non-contagious motor condition that causes physical disability in human development, primarily in the various areas of body movement.

About a year ago Kus father died after a tumor found inside his brain. Today the childs family fears the worse and wants to ensure that Osmar is not suffering from the same condition as his father was.

DSCF0011Elodia Bautista - Parents Alliance for persons with personal needs

“He is suffering a lot of pain and when he is in school he starts suffering from this pain when he is doing his work and so his mother took him to the neurologist and the neurologist said that he is in urgent need of an MRI. We know how expensive an MRI is se we decided to do this fund raiser. He has a slight impediment in walking and in writing and so teachers at school have to do certain accommodations to help him with his schoolwork. The severe headache that he is having is stopping him from actually doing his school work. We want to raise at least $600.00 for him to take the MRI. Hopefully whatever the results are we will see if we can continue supporting the family because his mother is a member of the support group and she is always helping.”

Anyone wishing to assist the family can do so by calling telephone number 604-8430.

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