4650428969_d53fbec378School is out for more than 2 months of summer vacation, meaning that students will basically have a whole lot of spare time on their hands. But not so fast, says the Banquitas House of Culture because they have several summer programs in line that will keep children and adults of all ages very busy during the holidays.

Starting on July 4th the Banquitas House of Culture will be offering a Cosmetology Course, dance, drumming and percussion classes.

Yvette Torres- President ICA O/W

“The Cosmetology course and the percussion, the Cosmetology course will be a two weeks program and it will start from Tuesday to Friday, the dancing is from Monday to Friday and the percussion will start on the eleventh. The Cosmetologist is for teenagers and adults and the dance classes is for all ages for kids from five up and the percussions classes will be from 6 and up. The Percussions Classes has to do with the steel band drumming; the guitar and keyboard lessons and also we will be giving a Garifuna Drumming Course. The dancing classes include the ballet for kids from 5 to 9 years from 10 to 15 years that will be the interpretive dancing including salsa, meringue, belly dancing and punt and then we have the contemporary dance.”

The Cosmetology Course will be done by Erica Vega while the Dance Classes will be provided by Emmanuel Robinson. Instructing the Percussion Classes will be Carlos Perrote and the Drum Courses will be headed by Pearl Miranda. Miranda will also be offering Ugu Ugu, Paranda and Primero dance lessons to participants. All programs with the exception of the dance classes which will have a fee of $2.00 per session and a $5.00 registration fee.

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