Screen_Shot_2014-07-16_at_7.51.52_PMWhile representatives of BSI/ASR have been making their rounds with cane farmers discussing the bagasse issue, so have the BSCFA only because they are touching a different topic. Field officers, the Cane Quality team and members of the Sugar Cane Production Committee under the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association met yesterday morning at the San Estevan Lion’s Club to discuss the strengths and weaknesses that were noted over the crop season. Primarily the group is trying to work out the kinks as it pertains to cane quality for the upcoming cane season.

Alfredo Ortega– Vice Chair, BSCFA

“To see how best we can have a better relation with the different test groups at the branch level so that we can reduce the incidents in regards to the quality of cane that is being brought to the mill.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Were there any recommendation made to perhaps for the next crop season so that this does not happen again?”


Alfredo Ortega– Vice Chair, BSCFA

“Yes, there are many recommendations that came out through the different sectors that we have especially the field officers and the guys that were working at the mill, the chemist over there, they had their presentation in regards to some issues that happened in the mill in regards to the cleaning up that is being done, reduce the opportunity to do test to those particular groups that delivered at that particular point in time, also sometimes the negligence of some people that would throw cane sometime into the carrier that would damage the test and that test has to be canceled so those are the thing that were discussed today and to see how best we can deal with those things with the factory manager and also at the field level with the situation is the amount of cane that is being burnt and mud slate came to happen when we experience the first rains that came about a month ago; farmers get a lot desperate and most of those farmers that hadn’t delivered anything so those are the things that we discussed today that shows part of the weaknesses that we encountered this year on which we will be working to develop a better plan to use for next year so that we can reduce those types of incidents and to see how best we can finalize a crop with a best quality cane as we have done for the past three crops.”

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