sanchezHe has been on the run from Orange Walk Police for 23 days but Orlando Sanchezs luck ran out yesterday afternoon when he was detained. Sanchez was wanted for questioning in connection with the July 11th attack on 52 year old Maria Elena Baeza. At around 4:00pm on June 11th, Baeza was found lying face-down on a feeder road just off the Yo Creek Road suffering from three chop wounds to the head, two on the face and one in the back.

CTV3 News understands Sanchez was detained by Police yesterday as he was trying to make his way across to Union, a small Mexican village located right across from Blue Creek. Reports are that the police officer stationed at the Blue Creek border checkpoint saw Sanchez acting suspiciously and asked him for identification which he could not provide. Reports are that the police officer recognized Sanchez and detained him until back up arrived. When we contacted Orange Walk Police this afternoon we were told that no charges had been levied against Sanchez as yet since he was still under investigation. It is expected that if any charges are levied against Sanchez it will be for attempted murder.

From what Baeza has told her family, she was at home alone on Sunday July 11th when a man entered her home and threatened to kill her with a knife if she made any noise. The man then ordered her to enter her vehicle and took her to the area where she was chopped and left for dead.

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+1 #1 OW Resident 2011-07-05 14:02
Good job less scum bag off from our suga city streets...he's done the crime, now he'll do the time...

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