Screen_Shot_2014-07-17_at_7.57.52_PMYesterday we told you about trouble that was brewing for the Belizean taxi drivers at the Old Belize Chetumal border, where they are up in arms because Mexican taxi operators are invading their territory and affecting their business.


And while we promised you the Transport Departments side, when we spoke with Chief Transport Officer, Crispin Jeffries, he was unaware of the situation but said that he would immediately launch an investigation since Mexican taxi operators cannot operate in Belizean soil without permits. Jeffries was unable to confirm if the Belizean taxi operators have permits to operate in that area also.


He did say however, there is legislation that allows Mexican operators to come into Belize but only on daily tours into the country at a permit fee of $75. He reiterated that he would look into the matter before going on record. His word is our bond and so we’ll hold him to that interview at a later date.

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