Screen_Shot_2014-07-17_at_7.57.41_PMIf you have been traversing near the old Northern Border recently, you may have noticed that major works are being carried out in the area. We understand that the two major companies constructing in this area are Imer Hernandez Development Company and RJB Company.

And what are they constructing? Well we understand that its two impressive roundabouts which are being constructed not only to beautify the port of entry into Belize but also to have a better control of the traffic. One of the Roundabouts will be located adjacent to the Northern Border and the other at the intersection heading to the cargo area.

In an off camera interview with supervisors in the area, CTV3 News was told that the project is being funded by CABEI which stands for Central American Bank for Economic Integration to the Government of Belize.


The project, we were told, consists of high quality drainage which will alleviate flooding in the area and high standard roads will be built leading to the Chactemal Bridge. According to those we spoke to on site, the project is expected to culminate by year’s end.

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