A few weeks ago Orange Walkenos played witness to two murders which were recorded in less than one week, that of Ramon Cervantes Senior and Sonia Abac. The death of both individuals sent shock waves throughout the north and since then Northenos are living in fear.

And apparently they have all right to be since there seems to be an apparent surge in extortions being reported in the North, the latest being that of Rene Cuello, well known businessman and avid karaoke singer. According to Cuello, he received a phone call last week Thursday July 17th.


The person on the other line, a male individual, identified himself as belonging to the ZETAS, a cartel that operates in Mexico. Cuello says he did not entertain the international call which came from a 12 digit number; hence it could not be traced.


The matter was reported to police and today we asked Joseph Myvette, who has been elevated from the rank of Superintendent of the Northern Zone to Assistant Commissioner of Police, to shed some light into the investigation and the surge of extortions taking place in the north.

Screen_Shot_2014-07-21_at_8.42.30_PMJoseph Myvette  – Assistant Commissioner of Police

“In relation to that one of the senior officers here has been assigned to follow up on that matter that is as far as I will be able to release to you in regards to that at this point in time.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Is it a concern to police that there is a real insurgent of extortion cases recently Cuello a little before that Cervantes and before that Cabanas, is it a concern to you all?”

Joseph Myvette  – Assistant Commissioner of Police

“Yes, it is and as a result of that we have stepped up our operations as well as we are looking at different angles in relation to the different investigations that we have been doing.”

Police say they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to extortions and perpetrators will be dealt with according to law.

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