Screen_Shot_2014-07-21_at_8.42.35_PMFor several weeks we have been reporting on the disappearance of Standard 4 student and 15 year old teen, Luz Clarita Carrillo who was last seen by her guardian heading to school on the 24th of June.


Since then, the family claims that they have gotten a note stating that she has been kidnapped and in another instance, a phone call that told them not to worry since Clarita was in good hands.


There are many allegations and speculations as to her whereabouts and today while we got a chance to speak with Assistant Commissioner Myvette, our digging got us nowhere.

Myvette also briefed us on the on-going investigation as it relates to the death of the toddler from Palmar Village in Orange Walk who accidentally ingested half a pill of neo melubrina - a fever medication.

Joseph Myvette  – Assistant Commissioner of Police

“I will have to check that today and get back to you in relation to where we are.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Charges on the parents of the child that accidentally drank some pills, anything on that?”

Joseph Myvette  – Assistant Commissioner of Police

“That as well we are just trying to conclude the investigation before that matter is submitted to the Director of Public Prosecution as well.”

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