Screen_Shot_2014-07-21_at_8.42.41_PMMore than two weeks following the heinous deaths of businessman Ramon Cervantes Sr. and Sonia Abac, authorities are still trying to piece together the puzzle that shrouds their demise. While 3 people, two of them residents of Trial Farm and one Guatemalan were charged for Cervantes’ murder along with Manuel Castillo who remains on the run, not much has been heard or reported on the investigations.


But today we managed to get an update on the case.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvette, says while the incidents are believed to be linked, those investigations are on-going and police is still in the process of compiling statements.


Joseph Myvette – Assistant Commissioner of Police

“There are some works that are still continuing that we are trying to conclude before the entire file is submitted to the DPP for perusal and direction.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Mr. Blackett mentioned that both incidents of Miss Sonia Abac and Cervantes are related on the fact that the same ones detained for Cervantes’ murder showed police where Abac’s body was located, why has no charges been levied against them as yet?”

Joseph Myvette – Assistant Commissioner of Police

“That does not mean that charges will not be levied we are just trying to tie up other issues in relation to the investigation before the file is submitted to the DPP for directives. Some statements were submitted in that regard however some were left to be done which the police is currently conducting.”

As to the delay of submitting Sonia Abac’s case file to the DPP, Myvette says they are still in the process of collecting statements from those involved.

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