As you heard, not much was said by Myvett when it comes to the investigations into two of Orange Walks most vicious murders. But police are not only being tight lipped with the media, the family of Cervantes Senior has also been kept in the dark as they know little about the on-going investigation.

A few days ago when questioned about the alleged involvement of two officers in Cervantes’ murder and the allegation that a handcuff belonging to the department was used to bind the hands and feet of the former Senator and Mayor, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie,  simply stated that investigations were ongoing and they were looking at the issue of discipline. Whylie would also not confirm whether Cervantes was indeed handcuffed or if the manacle is connected to the department.


But one person that has decided to speak out is Cervantes’ son, Ramon Cervantes Junior. Yesterday while at the cane farmers AGM, Cervantes Jr. responded to Whylie’s comments. Here is what he stated.

Screen_Shot_2014-07-21_at_8.42.53_PMRamon Cervantes Junior- Son Ramon Cervantes Senior

“I am not satisfied and I am more surprised that he doesn’t even know the names I think that is what he mentioned if I heard correctly but that is the way it goes, it is not up to me to determine what he says or what he doesn’t says.”


“What do you know of the status of these officers, have they been released, are they under investigation?”

Ramon Cervantes Junior- Son Ramon Cervantes Senior

“I don’t know for certain, frankly I do not know legally or officially what is the status I don’t know.”

And while police would not clarify if Cervantes was handcuffed, his son spoke on the condition his father was found, for the first time.

Ramon Cervantes Junior- Son Ramon Cervantes Senior

“I saw my father’s body when it was resumed from the grave and he had on hand cuffs, he was duck taped and the hand-cuffs had chain that ran all the way to his feet so I saw it, we all saw it that were there saw it.”


“At any point in time did you know if any police officers was if official police detention?”

Ramon Cervantes Junior- Son Ramon Cervantes Senior

“No, I don’t know if at any time any police officer was in official detention, I don’t know.”


“How certain are you that these hand-cuffs are connected to the police department?”

Ramon Cervantes Junior- Son Ramon Cervantes Senior

“Well, that is a very tricky question in that officially nothing has been said about it at the time linking the hand cuff to the officer but yes the people in the police department know it is so unless some of them told a lie.”

Reports are that since those believed to be responsible for Cervantes’ murder were charged after the 72 hours, police do not have a strong case against them since their rights were violated. Whether that is true or not, Cervantes only hopes that the justice system prevails.

Ramon Cervantes Junior- Son Ramon Cervantes Senior

“Frankly and presently what we have done is that we are trying to pick up the pieces and get ourselves together, it was a big blow to all of us and we trying to move on to live normal lives, I think it is the police’s responsibility it is a public institution in which I think we should place our trust at least that is what we have been taught from small and we have decided to leave it to the authorities to do their investigation and see where it goes from there.”

Cervantes also admitted that he has seen some change in the department as it pertains to his father’s case and it is not in a positive way.

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