Screen_Shot_2014-07-22_at_7.43.59_PMTonight, 30 year old Armando Vasquez, Belizean electrician of Diego Street, Corozal Town, is under police custody waiting to be charged for drug trafficking.

On Monday, officers of the Border Patrol Team were on official duty at the Northern Border check point when they searched a taxi car driven at the time by Vasquez and found 505 grams of suspected cannabis.

Today Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Formation, Andrew Ramirez, released the details of the incident.


Andrew Ramirez – Supt. Corozal

“We had activated border patrol unit, multi-agency one along with the Free zone, yesterday Monday 21st July about 8:45 am one of these teams were on duty at the northern border where they saw this vehicle coming from the direction of north to south crossing the check point but this person known as Armando Vasquez is known to them of previous encounter as a result they pulled him to the side, we had conducted a body search on him and they conducted a search in the vehicle which then resulted in the police observation and they noted that the passenger seat was tampered with and had a pillow over it, so the police officer who is a right trained officer, he was once attached to the drug unit did a thorough search on that seat and found two parcels that was dropped containing suspected cannabis, the drugs was weight and amounted to five hundred and five grams as a result the vehicle has been impounded at the Corozal police station and the person has been charged for the offense of drug trafficking .”


Vasquez is scheduled to appear in front of Magistrate Hurl Hamilton tomorrow to be officially charged with the offense of drug trafficking.

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