Screen_Shot_2014-07-22_at_7.45.13_PMViewers may recall the stories we have aired on the Harvest for Kids project. The initiative is a fund raiser for Belize Camping Experience, a program in which summer camps are designed and held for children primarily in underprivileged circumstances and at risk children in Belize City.


The program has been a success in the city and after much success with their fund raisers, this year organizers extended the program into Orange Walk Town. Here is a look at what that experience has been like.

Dalila Ical – Reporting

Laughter and screams of joy filled the atmosphere here at the BSI Staff Club compound as children engaged in games with new found friends.  The playground was busy and it was all smiles thanks to the organizers and staff at Belize Camping Experience.

The program aims at reaching out to children of all ages through games and councilors also share some spiritual messages to help encourage positive growth in the young participants.

The camp began in Belize City and the team is already five weeks into the program for this year. It’s a lot of work says Director Alexander Perez, and all team members work in coordination.

Alexander Perez – Director, Belize Camping Experience

“There are six young people, Belizean young people that gave themselves for two months and these guys dedicate themselves to prepare and every little camper get a book to follow their activity so they have like drawing and puzzles and they have a lesson on every book and those four teams have to make sure to have ideals, pencils, crayons, arts and craft, footballs and everything because at the end of the day those four teams are the ones that delegate the job to the other young people and so how we work is that each one of them has a role; some of them do the silly songs, some of them do the water sports, some of them lead the lessons and so at the end of the day it is a whole team working together to getting accomplished that.”

This year the camping experience is brought to Orange Walk for the first time and BSI facilitated the camping ground.


Josie Gongora – Camp Director

“We’re so thankful to BSI for giving this beautiful place it is a big space and we are so grateful because in the city we don’t have this much space so the children her in Orange Walk are so appreciative of that and the children are enjoying it a lot.”

And the change has brought about new camping experiences for both organizers and participants.


Josie Gongora – Camp Director

“The children in city are more different from children here they are so calm because in the city we have different situations but still all children need Jesus so for us it been a lot rewarding and today we had more than seventy kids, around eighty kids, and yesterday we had a little less because the word wasn’t out as much but today we had a little more as you can see and they were dancing and saying that God is so big.”

But for those involved in this effort which is both big and generous, the experience is far more significant.

Josie Gongora – Camp Director

“Many of these kids have a different story behind themselves some of them they don’t have a father or they just live with their grandparent and stuff and they are four years olds and three years olds they come and they tell you that, my father left me or he left my mom and so they all need Jesus so if you can help those kids find God, their parents can find God, and even their brothers and sister just being here and giving your time for these kids is rewarding enough instead of just being there at home just watching the TV or on Facebook just be here to encourage everyone and just give your time for others.”

Alexander Perez – Director, Belize Camping Experience

“There’s over sixty young people getting involve in this movement and we have to have pills because for the body and kids have a lot of energy and I just want to say to people that anyone who want to try to come here come and check out what Belize Camping Experience are doing and these is what we do for the Harvest for Kids, you know it raises support and it gives back to the kids.”

The program will run for one more month and returns to Belize City next week where organizers will work with children in South Side Belize. Already, the program has reached over 800 children.

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