On Sunday the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association held their Annual General Meeting where the association’s Board of Directors discussed a number of issues with its membership. High on the agenda was the proposal of the Belize Sugar Industries Limited to pay cane farmers 51 cents per ton of bagasse. Proposal which cane farmers rejected resoundingly.


BSI is of the mind that cane farmers are not receiving the right information hence their rejection for the 51 cents payment. In order to disseminate their information to cane farmers, BSI met with members of six branches and even requested that they have representation in Sunday’s AGM. Sources told us that the company wrote a letter to the BSCFA requesting that they form part of the meeting’s agenda thus having an opportunity to address cane farmers. To date we are unaware if BSCF responded to BSI’s letter.


What we do know though, is that BSI had representation at the AGM, not as a company but as a cane farmer. As you may well be aware the company is a registered cane farmer under Research and C.G.P. So that gave them all rights to participate in Sunday’s meeting and opened a window to set the record straight.

Screen_Shot_2014-07-22_at_7.44.22_PMOlivia Avilez- Cane Farmers Relations

“Ellos quisieron estar aquí para que ustedes puedan clarificar cualquiera pregunta que ustedes querían hacer, quisieron estar aquí se los pidieron a los señores de la Asociación y yo pienso siendo una persona que he estado con la Asociación yo pienso que ustedes tenían muchas preguntas para hacerle a BSI y que ellos debían que contestarles eso es todo y no podemos hacer ningún comentario como BSI negociador no podemos hacerlos solo estamos aquí como caneros.”

According to Avilez, representatives of BSI/ASR wanted to be at the meeting to address any questions that cane farmers might have had.

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