Screen_Shot_2014-07-22_at_7.44.14_PMThe Orange Walk Town Council has embarked on a project that will see several over grown lots cleared. According to Mayor Kevin Bernard, the issue has been a major concern for residents and has been voiced repeatedly at neighborhood meetings.


In sight that is a huge concern for residents the council decided to take action and with the assistance of Councilor Ladrick Sheppard the work began this week.

Ladrick Shepard

“This over grown lots has been a hazard to everybody, in these overgrown lot there are roaches, rats, snakes and all different types of rodents that sometimes goes inside the house and we have been in the council going for the third year now that these over grown lot that no one have any knowledge of who are the owners of these overgrown lots and nobody really wants to chop it so it was an initiative that we took from the council by the Mayor that has decided to take advantage of the dry moment right now and see if we can chop these overgrown lots.”

Kevin Bernard

“The council acquired a bush hog last year and this year we decided to make good use of it and we know it is a huge task because we have over 330 overgrown lots within our municipality just in our town limits  but we are saying let’s see if we could schedule it out during the week at least once or twice during the week that we can get the bush hog to operate in overgrown lots, what we will be doing however, the council will not be chopping these private lot for free, whatever lot we chop we will be billing it to their property taxes and we will be writing them a letter informing them that we have maintained the land and we have applied to your taxes and we encourage them to ensure to continue to clear their land therafter.”

The council hopes to clear at least thirty lots. The Council encourages residents to maintain their lots clean and keep a healthy neighborhood.

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