policeA custom official on duty at the northern border got a brush with death after he was nearly dragged by a fleeing Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. The incident occurred around 11:15pm on Monday. Martin Lino, assistant security for the Customs Department at the Santa Elena Border, reported to police that he was at the Customs Check point carrying out his duties; when a white Toyota Tacoma pickup truck driven at the time by 21 year old Benigno Loria, a laborer of San Andres Village approached the checkpoint.

According to Lino, he was doing his routine search inside the vehicle and upon finishing the interior of the vehicle, he then asked the driver to open the hood of the engine for him to check the engine area. But what happened next took Lino by surprise. Upon sighting the police, Loria reversed the vehicle and managed to drive away from the checkpoint and headed back across the Mexican Border.

Whilst the pickup was reversing the right passenger door that was open almost hit Lino but he managed to avoid contact. A short while after Loria was apprehended by Mexican authorities and was handed over to Belizean authorities. He has been arrested and charged for the crime of Aggravated Assault with a Motor Vehicle.

This morning Loria was arraigned in front of magistrate Hurl Hamilton where he pleaded guilty to the charge. Loria was fined $1000.00 plus $5.00 court fee which he needs to pay before the 30th of September. 

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