Keen observation and quick response by police has landed two in police custody and led to the recovery of stolen items. Superintendent Andre Ramirez, Officer in Charge of the Corozal Police Formation told us more about the detention.

Screen_Shot_2014-07-23_at_7.46.00_PMAndrew Ramirez - Officer in Charge of the Corozal Police Formation

“This afternoon the police officers posted at the San Narcisco Sub-station upon detaining these two individuals they decided to apprehend them and during the process they referred them to the Corozal police station for interview as the main man wanted for the Corozal CIB for questioning as a result Corporal Valladares who is the newly appointed supervisor for the CIB section here in Corozal did the interview and as a result the police were taken to the Xaibe village where approximately five bicycles were found in a yard, now we believe that these bikes excluding one that has been identified by one of the victim, the other four are stolen good and they are requesting, asking the member of the public who had bicycles stolen especially here in Corozal, if they can visit the Corozal station and look at it and see possibly for identification purposes, several of the stolen bikes based on the interview were taken in Concepcion village and San Victor villages, so the persons in these villages had bought bicycles in the past we are requesting that these bikes be turn over to the police for further investigation because if the investigation leads to these individuals then mostly we would be proceeding with criminal charges against them because it is a crime to be buying stolen goods.”

The good work has earned the officers recognition from their superiors and Superintendent Ramirez encourages the community to keep cooperating with the Police.

Andre Ramirez - Officer in Charge of the Corozal Police Formation

“I would like to take this time out to tell Corporal Valladares and his team about the good job that they are doing and I feel the presence of the Corporal innovation and his professionalism and investigation in recovering of items, I just ask the community to continue working with the Corozal Police Officers and the police on a whole because at the end of the day if the community loses faith in the police then an hierarchy will prevail and that is what we trying to do to prevent in having the criminals take over our precious society and I think the Assistant Commissioner Myvett has indicated that we need to strategize in relation to how we tend to bring down crime and one of the way is basically what I just mentioned about the keen observation and quick reaction and I must applaud all assistance involved in this operation so far.”

Are not releasing the names of the persons detained since they have not been charged yet. As soon as items can be identified and once there are a few of these people are willing to take the matter to court, they will be charged and their names released. They are looking at charges of handling stolen goods and theft.

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