accidentSometime after 1:30 today police and traffic personnel were alerted of a road traffic accident on the Yo Creek road, approximately two miles from Orange Walk Town.


When officials arrived on the scene they saw an army truck in the middle of the road and a Suzuki jeep on the right side of the road extensively damaged. Our news team arrived shortly after the incident and Reporter Maria Novelo filed the following report.

Maria Novelo – Reporting

Nadir Munoz was on his daily routine for his employer, providing and selling tortillas for the Maya Tortilla Factory in the surrounding villages of Orange Walk Town. Shortly after one today little did he know his ride back to town would be his last as two miles on the Yo Creek Road he collided into this army truck, and slammed into the left side of the road where his jeep came to a halt.


With the vehicle extensively damaged and caved in, Munoz was found severely injured and bleeding profusely. His brother, who was travelling not too far behind, and another individual were the first on the scene. In an off camera interview, the male individual told us what he witnessed while on the scene.


First Assitant

“Bidé un camión dumper estacionado acá en frente de mí y luego me baje a ver que estaba sucediendo i mire este choque, estaban unos soldados y unos oficiales de transporte parados allí y pues nosotros pensábamos que pues yo pensé que ya habían sacado el señor pero todavía estaba allí adentro, hablamos con los policías que los saquen pero no lo quieran sacarlo pero atrás vino su hermanito que maneja un camión de San Isidro y pues el vino corriendo y pues el so estaba sacando y pues me metí y sacamos al muchacho y no había como llevarlo y se estaba desangrando por el pescuezo y pues lo único mi vehículo lo llevamos al hospital y pues no sé qué había pasado con él.”

And while visible frustrated with the way the authorities handled the accident, this first responder says he intervened and took the injured Munoz to seek medical attention at the Northern Regional Hospital since he saw him still breathing and moving in the mangled wreck.

First Assitant

“Bidé como movía la mano y hasta cuando llegamos al hospital lo movía pero primero Dios que se haiga salvado una vida porque yo n se porque son policías y transporte y pueden ver a la gente morir y no meten la manos es frustrante y débil porque uno piensa que ellos son los primeros para meter la mano y luego no hacer caso entonces para que si tenemos policías y soldados de esa manera entonces mejor no hacer nada.”

We understand that the truck was parked on the right hand side of the road headed to Yo Creek in close proximity to this curve after experiencing mechanical problems. The driver, a farmer we understand, declined to comment. It is alleged that Munoz slammed into the left side of the vehicle and careened off the road.


He died upon arrival at the NRH. We understand he was employed at the tortilla factory for some years. MN for CTV3 News!

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