Screen_Shot_2014-07-24_at_8.00.49_PMA blaze displaced a family of four in the Black Water Creek area of Orange Walk Town mid-afternoon today. When our news crew arrived on the scene, fire personnel had already gotten the fire under control but were scavenging thru the rubble to decipher what caused the fire. Reporter Maria Novelo and video journalist Jesus Melgar filed the following report.

Maria Novelo – Reporting

When fire officials received the call of a fire in the Black Water Creek area of Orange Walk Town, it was a little too late to salvage the house or its contents. Chief of operations at the Orange walk Fire Service, Kenneth Mortis, says the fire started from an unoccupied bedroom of this cement bungalow structure.

Kennet Mortis – Fire Chief, OW Fire Service

“Bringing the fire under control took approximately but five minutes which would lead us to use the initial first tank of water that we had on the scene, once the fire was under control we exhausted that tank and we had to send it back to refilling and it came back to the scene and they did the balance of the total extinguishing of the fire.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Any challenges posed that you found?”

Kennet Mortis – Fire Chief, OW Fire Service

“The only challenge that we face was that the fact that the building was still under electrical so to battle the blaze on the north portion of the building we had to wait until BEL personnel came and neutralize the electricity but a part from that we did a job like I always say we did the job like how we are trained to do which is to out fires but it is unfortunate that we arrived when the building was fully engulfed in flames.”

Meanwhile, in the wake of the blaze, Mauricio Jones, his wife and two daughters were displaced.

Kennet Mortis – Fire Chief, OW Fire Service

“We do know that the fire started in the rear bedroom which is situated in the western portion of the building, we also confirmed that there was no one occupying this bedroom unfortunately for the Jones family they lost everything as you can see and the family didn’t had no insurance to either house or content within the building what the fire department is trying to conclude is to exactly how the fire started seeing that we have the area of the fire we are just in the investigating stage as to find out what cause this fire.”

The Jones family lost everything and adding insult to injury, is the fact that structure and its contents were uninsured. MN for CTV3 News!

Fire officials say that the fire may have started from an exchange of electricity from house to house. The Authorities remind the public that sharing electricity is not only illegal but comes with grave consequences, hence this unfortunate outcome.

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