Yesterday we told you about a fire in the Black Creek Water area of Orange Town that left a family of four homeless. When our news crew left the scene, fire personnel were rummaging through the remains in hope of deciphering what caused the blaze. Today we got an update from Fire Chief, Kenneth Mortis, who informed us of the source of the fire.


Screen_Shot_2014-07-25_at_8.08.57_PMKenneth Mortis – Fire Chief, OW Fire Service

“We did conclude after investigation that the fire was as a result of an electrical malfunction that the Jones family sustained within the premises.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“We understand too that they were sharing electricity, could that has been the cause?”

Kenneth Mortis – Fire Chief, OW Fire Service

“If the truth been told that they were sharing electricity, that could have very well be a factor, electricity sharing between houses that is fully furnished with all the electrical commodities it tend to draw more than what one house can sustain, there may be speculations that that was the case then if that is the case then if could be a factor, I am not at a position to disclose whether that was been done or not but like I partially told you guys yesterday from our finding son the fire scene we can conclude that the fire did started out of an electrical malfunction.”

The total estimated value of the house was $50,000 dollars. Meanwhile, authorities are asking the public to safeguard their homes and personal possessions since they are responding to an increase in brush fires.

Kenneth Mortis – Fire Chief, OW Fire Service

“I would like to take this opportunity to ask the neighbours, the residence whether in town or villages we stress to keep a perimeter between your develop property and an undeveloped property, we ask that you help us to help you to secure yourselves from fires that threatened your property from an open bush fires. It is a law that states that burning should not be done whether in town or villages while we try to respond to each and every single call we might not be there when you readily need us so if you can help us to help yourself then that would make our work a little bit easier.”

Mortis says while brush fires are in the increase, structural fires has decreased.

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