Screen_Shot_2014-07-25_at_8.08.25_PMIn July of 2005 the armed forces of three counties collaborated to thwart cocaine run with an estimated value of six million Belize Dollars. Four Belizeans and a Honduran National were intercepted in a boat some twenty-five miles east of Caye Caulker after being chased by members of the Belize Police Department, B.D.F. and the DEA. Mexican authorities were also contacted as the boat headed north.

Investigations revealed that the vessel made its way from Colombia. As an international team of law enforcement personnel attempted to board the vessel, shots were fired and a Honduran national, Jesus Castillo Orellano was shot and injured and authorities managed to detain the other men on board.

Today, after almost a decade of being locked up in a Mexican jail, four Belizeans are back on Belizean soil; but not as free men. Today, under heavy guard, the men were handed over to Belizean Authorities as part of the as part of the Mexico-Belize prisoner exchange program. Reporter Victor Castillo tells us more in the following story.


Victor Castillo Reporting

It was a little after 2o’clock this afternoon when heavily armed officers of the Corozal Police Formation arrived at the northern border.  In their custody were four Mexican prisoners who were serving time at the Belize Central Prison. Right there and then the four men were handed over to Mexican Authorities   as part of the Mexico-Belize prisoner exchange program.

And while the Mexican men will now finishing serving their time at the Mexican prison, four Belizean prisoners will be serving the remainder of the sentence at the Kolbe Correctional Facility. Hillian Martinez and Kevin Lincoln Smith, both 35 years of age, 55 year old Miguel Perez and 58 year old Francisco Nunez, who spent more than a decade in Mexican Prison after they were detained in relation to the trafficking of some $6, 00000 worth in cocaine, were handed over to Belizean authorities.

As you can see in this video, officials kept the inmates locked up inside the police mobile unit parked on the Belizean side of the border, for security purposes. This is even though family members waited patiently to see their loved one.

After a short while at the border, police escorted the mobile unit carrying the prisoners to the central prison where these inmates are expected to complete their sentence given to them in Mexico.

Martinez, Smith, Perez and Nunez are all from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. During the 2005 bust, police confiscated one thousand, three hundred and fifty kilos of cocaine, a rifle, two pistols, a satellite phone, two cellular phones, two VHS radios, and a global positioning system.

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