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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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In December of 2011, Delroy Herrera, a former store clerk of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, who was fired two months earlier, came forward with stinging allegations of financial mismanagement at the hospital, allegations which prompted Prime Minister Dean Barrow to order a special audit of the hospital’s operations by the Auditor General. Herrera had signalled that KHMH management had been violating the hospital’s regulations on procurement in overpaying the US suppliers. Since then, Herrera, dubbed as the ‘KHMH’s Whistle-blower, was accused by the KHMH of stealing 30,000 electronic files, including private patient information, and faced arrest last December. Two years later, his court case is yet to be heard and today he dropped by our studios to share with us his sentiments towards the case and to publicly say that if authorities had listen to him back then, that today history would not be repeating itself.

Screen_Shot_2014-07-25_at_8.06.48_PMDelroy Herrera – KHMH whistleblower

“It’s already written now and is just to post and log in the court system to get started from there.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Why do you find it important that you kind of expose what is happening internally at the KHMH?”

Delroy Herrera – KHMH whistleblower

“Basically, I find it to expose anybody especially whose party claim to be one of transparency and one of those who has tampered any kind of corruption as to them they having their gums coming around doing the same thing they were going to stamp out so I find it more important to show you that you said to do this and do that but you are living in a glass house.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“So now you are making your rounds in the north, you mentioned something about Mr Perrera but hasn’t him been terminated already from his post?”

Delroy Herrera – KHMH whistleblower

“Yes, he was terminated from his post but the thing is that bites me most of all is that if these people would have listened to me from 2011 then new would have not been in the situation that we are right now with KHMH, I was listening to the news and the chairlady saying that the subvention and all of that, they didn’t had enough money to pay anything right now so if they had followed me instead to try to crucify and prosecute me then we would had this situation going on presently.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“It seems that same irregularities, history repeating itself, would this impact your case in a positive way perhaps?”


Delroy Herrera – KHMH whistleblower

“Well, the way I see it in a layman’s term not in a lawyers term to me actually impacts my case a lot to show up that the strength that I was actually telling the truth and I was crucified and I paid the ultimate price because I wanted to tell the truth and people know what was going on and then here comes now we had the Auditor General who come in and then have them pretty up their system to proof that wasn’t going on to that extent that I was talking about and then the different band and the same the beat so same thing.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Critics may say you are just a disgruntled employee of the KHMH how would respond to that?”

Delroy Herrera – KHMH whistleblower

“Anybody who is disgruntled would do something malicious I say what I had to say and I sat home and this is happening again and I am just basically again reinforcing what is going if they would have taken the heat from them when I said it then we wouldn’t have had this problem now again.”

To end his interview, Herrera added that present CEO Gary Longsworth’s contract should not be renewed nor of those members that sat on the Board of Directors in 2011.

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