On Friday we told you about 15 year old Luz Clarita Carrillo, the standard four student who was reunited with her family after being missing for more than a month. As we have been reporting, Luz went missing in June after she was last seen by her guardians heading to school.


Their searches led them to a farm on the Santa Martha road where they found her at a location known as Green Shed Farm. And while her family is happy to have brought her home, Luz apparently did not wish to return with her family. Her guardian, Maria Lucia Carrillo, told us today that the girl was used and abused at the location where she was found and is furious since no chargers were levied on the person, (a much older man), she was with.

Screen_Shot_2014-07-28_at_7.36.04_PMMaria Lucia Carillo – Aunt of missing teen

“I catch a private taxi and I went and I saw personally his father told me that my daughter was there and I went straight to the police and I told the police my daughter is in Santa Martha Area.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“When you found her what was her condition in terms of her health?”

Maria Lucia Carillo – Aunt of missing teen

“Well, her condition is too bad because she is too slim and she was sick.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“What did she told you, did she told you that she was held captive or she wanted to be there?”

Maria Lucia Carillo – Aunt of missing teen

“She said that she wanted to be there because she was good there but in the condition that she was there, those people they like to drink and smoke and that is not healthy for her.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Police has detained one person, did you know of any charges levied on that person?”

Maria Lucia Carillo – Aunt of missing teen

“They only charged them and let them go free, but I know when it is a teenager they usually charge them and remand them to Hattie Ville because she is under age and from school.”

According to authorities, the man Luz was with was not charged and this came as a directive from the Director of Public Prosecutions. Why was the decision taken? Well, apparently Luz has a ‘runaway’ history since 2010 and a social officer has been assigned to her case.


A police situation report revealed that she had been in the company of a 27-year-old male of Old Northern Highway and had engaged in sexual activity with him since June 19th until July 24th.  A Medical Examination was conducted where the Doctor certified her Hymen was not intact. 


Carrillo says Luz has been placed at the youth hostel since she threatened to run away again.

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