errolA warrant is out in the US for Dr. Errol Elrington, brother of Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, for federal crimes of racketeering, medical fraud and health care fraud. Dr. Elrington who is the proprietor of Elrington Medical Center in the Michigan area of the US and now the Office of Inspector General within the United States Department of Health and Human Services has listed Dr. Errol Elrington on its list of Most Wanted Fugitives. On the website of the Inspector General, it states that the warrant was issued on October seventh. Elrington is believed to have falsely billed Medicare and Medicaid more than $400,000 for services that he never performed, and he employed an unlicensed physician who engaged in criminal sexual misconduct.


It also says that “though he was the owner of EMC, Elrington spent most of his time employed as the chief medical officer at another medical facility that was unaffiliated with EMC.” Today the media caught up with his brother, attorney Hubert Elrington who says he is aware of the problem which he says was posted on the internet since two months ago. He explained the situation as he understands it to the media. Here is an excerpt of that interview provided to us by our colleagues at Krem TV.

Hubert Elrington, Brother of Errol Elrington

“He is here in Belize. My brother, as you know, was a director of medical services in his substantive post up there at a hospital, and he also owned his own clinic, medical facility. And as far as I understand he employed a doctor that represented to him that he had all his licenses and things, but after a while it turned out that this doctor did not have some of the licenses that were needed…and you know in the United States they are very, very strict. They want you to check…and if you don’t check…so it’s really a situation where an employee of his, a doctor, failed to get his proper licenses and was operating in my brother’s clinic. And that’s the situation. Now I understand that my brother has legal experts working for him in the States and they are dealing with the matter up there.”


“Sir I’m not too familiar with the legalities, but there are also charges mentioned in the report of racketeering..Medicaid fraud…is that above and beyond the situation with the other physician that was employed?”


Hubert Elrington, Brother of Errol Elrington

“Well the reality is that if you treat any patient in your clinic and you send any bill to the government and it turns out that one of your doctors was not licensed then you don’t have a right to claim. Everything stems from the rogue doctor that failed to disclose to him that he had not looked after his license. As you know he is probably the brightest of the Elringtons…he was the one who was able to do the physics and the mathematics and things like that without difficulty. So to me it is kind of regrettable that he was not paying the kind of attention he should have been paying but it sometimes happens in life and we live in a democracy. But its not that he himself did anything wrong.”


On the website, the Office of the Inspector General sates that “Elrington fled the United States for Belize less than 24 hours after being interviewed by Federal and State agents. He remains a fugitive at-large.” Elrington says he is not aware of any legal action to get him back to the US to face charges and adds that he doesn’t believe it will arise. As Minister Elrington is at the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it can be deduced that if his brother should be sought after here, he would intervene to protect him. In concluding his interview, attorney Elrington stated categorically that they all stand together.

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