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DRAINThe Orange Walk Bus Terminal has become known as what could have been a good idea now gone very, very wrong…from its location to its size to everything in between, like the arrangements for vendors selling there. Today our news team visited the site and what we found borders on the bizarre. We have the footage of the area in which vendors have been forced to sell. See for yourself…

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

Vendor – OW Bus Terminal

“We the food vendors are from way back when it used to be by the town clock. We are the ones who have our little tents and helped the people who had kids or little babies, the pregnant women they use to come and shelter with us. But now the vendors have to line up over a drain, we have to spend money on board to cover the drain so that we could seel our food and stuff over a drain imagine that.”

The vendors might have been afraid to appear on camera out of fear of victimization, but the images speak for themselves. What we found this morning was almost beyond belief – inhumane and unsanitary conditions, overgrown drains filled with rubbish – clogged and filthy drains are a common sight in Orange Walk Town, but these vendors are expected to sell food to customers on top of those drains.

Vendor – OW Bus Terminal

“Me siento muy mal yo soy una de todas las venteras acá fuera y esto no debe de pasar queremos que nos quiten de acá y que nos den otro lugar porque esta terminal no está bueno porque hasta la gente se quejan de esto. Todo esto nosotros lo tuvimos que hacer ahora escucho que van a quitar este puesto y nosotros ya invertimos dinero y no sé qué vamos a hacer. Entre más días más mal están las cosas aquí se tiene que componer y nosotros los Beliceños tenemos que hablar. Nosotros todos estábamos enfrente y nos dijeron que nos movamos acá pero nosotros queremos algo mejor. Lo peor de todo es que eso nos ah afectado el negocio mucho.”

The conditions are bad enough, and when these vendors consider that the rainy season is just beginning and the worst wet months are ahead of them, it’s intolerable.

Vendor – OW Buys Terminal

“It is a very inconvenient spot especially over a drain when all those people that throw garbage around all those dogs that are doing different things on the street and you know all that water that comes right under this drain right here that you cloud see. What if the water get jammed up and can’t flow through the water will come and meet us right here because we are on top of a drain and it is totally wrong. I believe the Health Inspector himself should come and see this stuff.”

Well have more from the Orange Walk Bus Terminal in tomorrows newscast, as unsanitary conditions werent the only problem our team found when they visited the wet, muddy, dirty terminal today.

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-1 #1 OW Resident 2011-07-06 16:13
the answer is simple, Vote out Mayor Phillip de La Fuenta, his incompitent UDP Councillors, and any new udp puppets they offer to run in the upcoming Town Council elections....Kevin Bernard, for Mayor...let's bring back OW, and make it shine like the #1 town it used to be

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