Orange Walk will be the place to be this weekend as the town will be celebrating its Fiestarama Business Expo and Fair 2014. Fiestarama is perhaps the biggest annual event with entertainment for all ages.  Mayor Kevin Bernard says the 3 days will be filled with a diversity of live performances, various sporting events, entertainment and a wide variety of food and drinks.

Screen_Shot_2014-07-31_at_8.00.16_PMKevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town Council

“We have transformed Fiesta Rama from normal dance and mechanical rides event where people now come to a business expo and participate in what businesses have to offer, we have like Smart, BTL, there are several food businesses, we will have like electrical and business stores that will be coming out and display their products and of course on top of that we have our local rum companies that, we know that one main company are going to be here and they are one of our main sponsors  but in terms of the Beer companies there will be a variety we will have the belikin products, we will have kubuli products, we will have Heineken and the Caribe beer companies that will be competing but at the end of the it is for us to provide that environment where competition exist at the same time for people to have a variety to choose from. There will be lots of entertainment throughout the day; Friday we start with a dance with Lucio and the New Generation, on Saturday there will be cultural presentation, during the day there will be DJ mixing, we will have a DJ from Mexico highlighted as well, there will be a young couple that will also be doing a young person none alcoholic event that will be happening on top of the civic centre area, we will also have later in the night dance by Techno Band sponsored by Caribbean Rum and on the volleyball court there will also be a concert, that is Vibes sounds and several other artist that is being promoted and they are working along with the youth group that will be organizing that at the same time on Saturday again we will have music all day long with Circuito Magico as well we will have CCC marching Band that will be coming to perform for the Orange Walkenos and the visitors alike. Likewise we are into Sunday and continuing with the sporting program we will have music by Cool J’s Band, we will have the greasy pole competition that the council is organizing that as well then we continue with Abraxus and they will playing on Saturday and Sunday and so people are welcomed to come out and enjoy the rock music and I know they will be doing two different type of music on the different days, on one night they will be doing the English and Spanish type of mix and then on the other night they will be doing more of heavy rock as well we continue with Techno Band in the night and also Cool J’s band will be playing throughout the day and of course the different activities that the different booths will be and so we want to welcome and there will be a lot of businesses participating this year and it has become much bigger and better and that was the purpose of moving from the whole Fiesta Rama and inviting businesses to be part of it.”

Screen_Shot_2014-07-31_at_8.00.22_PMFor the past two years, proceeds go to sponsoring youth summer programs and if there’s a surplus this year, monies will be used to continue with remedial works for the town streets.


This year is the 3rd year of Fiestarama being held under the auspices of the Orange Walk Town Council and it promises to be a spectacular one.

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