fifa10On June 17th FIFA, the international governing body of football, suspended the Football Federation of Belize until July 10th banning the Belize team from playing its second game of the World Cup pre-qualifier scheduled against Montserrat, or any other game until the issue of decertification was resolved between the National Sports Council and the FFB.

When we last reported on the situation, the FFB was waiting on a response from the National Sports Council, after having presented all documents needed for registration. When we spoke to Senior Vice President of the FFB Bernaldino Pech today, though, he told us there has still been no response and concern is growing.

Bernaldino Pech Senior Vice President FFB 

“Well, certainly we are very concern last week we had been in court and while nothing was settled in court itself in the Judges Chamber there was an agreement that was reached between our attorney and the National Sports Council Attorney and the agreement basically was that having given that we had handed over the stats which they claimed they had not received even thought they know we sent it in they agreed that they would register us by June 30th. As a result of that agreement then the federation agreed not to pursue the matter in court. So basically it was an agreement between the attorneys however, as you are aware and the public is aware the 30th has come and gone and we are getting a lot of mix signals from the National Sports Council. They are telling us that they did not agree to register us, that there is no current sports council, that the sports council cant gather all its members together so it definitely appears to us that they are coming with many excuses. It saddens to see that this Government does not respect any decisions that are made in court as we have seen in other prominent cases in the country.”

According to Pech, the FFB has been attempting to reach out to the National Sports Council and has been told that the Council MAY convene to reinstate the FFB by this Thursday July 7th, three days before the deadline given by FIFA.

Bernaldino Pech Senior Vice President FFB

“The latest we have heard is that they may convene the council to review the registration of the federation maybe by this Thursday. Again we are not sure if that will happen or not because they are saying maybe. It simply seems that they are trying to prolong the issue so that they punish the sport and that seems to be the bottom line at this stage. On our behalf we continue to press and to hope that we will be able to resolve the issue. We have also been speaking to FIFA about it and we hope that through the correspondences that we have been sending that we have some resolution there but again at this stage we just have to wait and see.”

For now the FFB can do nothing but wait. If there is no word by Thursday, through, the organization will have no choice but to take the matter before the Courts once again.

Bernaldino Pech Senior Vice President FFB

“We will continue to pursue the mater in court but we know that once we have something in the court it can remain in the court system for a long period of time. We will continue to pursue that matter in court because we know, we are confident that we have not broken any of the laws here in our country. We will also continue to dialogue with FIFA to show that the federation is not at fault here and that the general Belizean public really is interested in seeing football stay and wants to see our national team and its members showcase their talent. It is so ironic that this would have been the first team in 11 years in a World Cup qualifying that would have been played on Belizean side and we hope that can still happen.”

The last time Belize played a World Cup pre-qualifier match was in 2008 when we lost to Mexico 7-0.

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