Today, Cane farmers received notification of their second payment estimate for the 2014 crop season. The average price is $62.72 per tonne of cane and in accordance with their agreement, 91% of this price is due at second payment. This year the second payment was decided by quality rather than quantity as in past years.


The 18 branches of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association were placed in different test groups forming 6 test groups for Orange Walk and 8 for Corozal. Vice Chairman of the BSCFA, Alfredo Ortega says while the cane quality was not as great as the previous year, the report card for TC/TS could have been better.

Screen_Shot_2014-08-01_at_7.49.24_PMAlfredo Ortega – Vice Chair, BSCFA

“There are many factors that really took us to the point where we are right now; one of those is the quality in which we finalized this crop.  Last year we end up with a 9.11 and this year we end up with an increase of almost three quarter tons of cane more this year so our final TC/TS was 9.86 so that has a very huge impact in regards to cane price per ton.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Other factors that affected that figure”

Alfredo Ortega – Vice Chair, BSCFA

“Well, that was one of the biggest factor, the quality of cane and that is where we have always said to the farmers that we need to really look forward into the quality of cane which we are delivering, I think that one of the situation was the whether; that rain that fall very heavily on May that really harms us a lot, but even with that I think if we should have taken a little bit more of care we should have end up with a better TC/TS that we end up, it is true we did good but we could have done better.”

Farmers will be collecting that second payment on Wednesday August 6th. And while Ortega spoke on that payment, we asked him about ASR’s public rejection on their proposal on getting an international expert involved in the Bagasse negotiations. Here was his reaction.

Alfredo Ortega – Vice Chair, BSCFA

“You know we had our general meeting the 20th of July and in that meeting this came out that we should seek SICB to get an international export t to look forward into the two proposals, we have written SICB, I had a letter that was sent from the chairman of SICB that we would be looking forward immediately to seek a meeting with the board to see what determination they will come out with this and in regards to what we have send to them, what we are asking from the SICB and that is where we stand, that is the Association stand point at this time that we are looking forward to this international consultant to look forward to both proposals, now I have heard on the news that the Prime Minister said in his Press conference that he had some talk with the people of ASR and they have said that they reject any international expert to come, that is their point of view, we are looking forward to see how best we can find a way out of this situation and to see how best we can get a just payment for the farmers.”     

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