no_imageApart from shrimp, another aquaculture product offered by Belizean farmers is tilapia. Tilapia is grown in freshwater at a number of locations in the country and in the North; one of the most productive farms is located two miles on the outskirts of Sarteneja Village in the District of Corozal. On Tuesday, members of the Ministry of Energy, Public Utilities Commission, Forestry and Executive Director for the Central American Integration system were at the Sarteneja Tilapia Farm for the inauguration of solar panels and wind mill for the tilapia farm. The project entitled “electrification with the utilization of wind and solar energy for a new aquaculture farm” was the result of funding providing by the Energy and Environmental partnership with Central America. The project has an installed capacity of 6.7kilowatts produced by solar panels and 1.1kilowatta from the windmill and the energy produced will be used to freeze the products, aerate the ponds and pump water into the tanks, a release from the Department of Environment said.

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