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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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Screen_Shot_2014-08-04_at_7.51.30_PMThe second major fatality in Orange walk was recorded some 12 hours after the Bayliss shooting when police were called to an area in Trial Farm Village where they found a body floating in the New River.


While police are not ruling out foul play, they say no signs of violence were seen on the body. But the family of the deceased disagree with police as they suspect that 43 year old Gregorio Medina was murdered. Reporter Maria Novelo and video journalist Jesus Melgar went looking for answers and here is what they found out.

Maria Novelo – Reporting

Authorities received the tip around 6:15 Sunday evening of a male person floating on the riverside bank in the Trial Farm area in front of this fenced property. Up to this morning, the partially decomposed body of 43 year old Gregorio Medina, labourer or Trial Farm Village in the Orange Walk District, remained where it was discovered as police awaited the arrival of a forensic pathologist.

Joseph Myvette – Assistant Commissioner of Police

“Police saw a body floating in the river upon closer examination of the body revealed that it was partially decomposed and the face and the shoulders, the body was later identified to be that of Gregorio Medina of Orange Walk Town, the body is still awaiting a post mortem as we speak but there were no visible injuries.”

But Medina’s family strongly believes their loved one was murdered. Santos Mendez, sister of the deceased, says she last heard of him on Saturday.

Santos Mendez – Sister of Deceased

“Para mí como esta y viéndolo bien él fue matado porque tiene los golpes acá hinchado y tiene la cara.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Cuando fue la última vez que lo vieron?”

Santos Mendez – Sister of Deceased

“Pues el queda aquí con mi tía aquí en Orange Walk y dicen ellos que lo vieron el Sábado temprano, lo vieron y ya no lo volvieron a ver más, y recibieron la noticia ayer en la tarde, en la noche como las seis y media de que encontraron el cuerpo muerto haya y lo vinieron a ver y ella dice que si es él.”

Meanwhile, authorities say they last saw Medina on Friday as he visited the station to make a report of a stolen item.


Joseph Myvette – Assistant Commissioner of Police

“He was last seen on Friday, he had come to the police station on Friday I believe to make a report of his flashlight that went missing so that was the last time he was seeing on Friday.”

Medina’s family contends that they last saw him with a group of friends drinking on Saturday and are simply seeking justice for their loved one.

Santos Mendez – Sister of Deceased

“Dicen que estaba con unas personas tomando el Sábado y eso es lo queremos ver que las policías hagan algo con esas personas, no podemos decir si ellos lo hicieron pero muchos dicen que lo vieron con las personas, pensamos que lo mataron y lo vinieron a tirar haya. No es justo porque no es un animal es un ser humano todos sentimos también y él no está solo él tiene su familia también que somos sus hermanos, somos bastantes y lo sentimos también, él no tiene mama no tiene papa solo sus hermanos y su tías y mi tía esta mas resentida porque mas con ella quedaba.”

No motive has been determined at this time much less have arrests been made. Police investigations continue. MN for ctv3!

Late this evening, a post mortem was conducted on the body of Medina where the doctor certified anatomical cause of death due to moderate and advanced visceral general conseption as a consequence of mild decomposition and chronic alcoholism.

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