Screen_Shot_2014-08-04_at_7.52.22_PMThe fire department continues to urge the community at large and especially residents in villages to take extra care when burning bushes. The situation may be double the risk given the heat being experienced these weeks. Fire chief at the Orange Walk Fire Station, says in case of emergencies the public should call directly to their line and give accurate information on the emergency being reported.

Miguel Medina

“The lady that called reported that a bush fire that was threatening a house but actually it was a house that was engulfed with flames so that is why when people call we asked them to please to directly to the question that we asked them and give us the exact answers that we need so that we prepared ourselves for when we arrive there we arrive prepared to fight a house fire and not a bush fire because each one of them has different ways to respond so we encourage them to please do that and to call the fire department  which our phone number is 302-2090.”

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