Over the past weeks the District of Corozal has seen an increase in burglaries so much so that we can confirm that the month of July saw more burglaries than any other month since the beginning of 2014.

Today, Officer In Charge of the Corozal Police Department, Andrew Ramirez, provided us with the burglary statistics for the Corozal District for the first 7 months of 2014.

Screen_Shot_2014-08-04_at_7.52.42_PMAndrew Ramirez – Supt. Corozal Police Formation

“In January we did report a burglary in zone II, one in zone III, one in zone IV and one in the rural area.  In the rural area is everything excluding town limits, for February we came down a bit by reflecting two burglaries namely one in zone two and two in zone three, for March we reflect four burglaries, one in zone I and three in the rural areas, for April we reflected three burglaries, one in zone I, II, and III respectively, for May we reflect four one in zone I, one in zone III and two in the rural areas, for June we are noticing two burglaries in zone I, one in zone III, however in July is a very shocking one for us because we reflected a total of ten; one in zone I, three in zone II, one in zone III, one in zone IV and four in the rural areas for a total of ten so we did saw a 150% basically, when the information in relation to the burglaries you were asking about.”

If we do the math, the number of reported cases of burglary adds up to 31 with 25% being solved. And there are quite a number of factors that contribute to the crime being committed including open windows and socializing with strangers.

Andrew Ramirez – Supt. Corozal Police Formation.

“I also want to caution the public because sometimes they are the ones that basically gives the criminal the opportunity, they do not leave their doors properly secure, you know that an individual right during this year 2014, highly under the influence of alcohol, right a public officer, his firearm was subsequently stolen but he was highly under the influence and left his front door opened, right, what could have happened to that guy who seems to my opinion addicted to alcohol, they stole his firearm that is a firearm unnecessary on the public domain right now, again we note that from time to time members of the public when they are at home at night they would leave their curtain tied up with the light on giving the opportunity to the criminals to watch in advance as to what can be stolen so we just want to caution individuals because ones you do not give the thieves the opportunity then they will not do what they are doing.”

The department though, is not letting criminals win the war as officers are doing everything in their power to curb the crime.

Andrew Ramirez – Supt. Corozal Police Formation.

“What we have stepped out now in relation to curving of these issues, we activated a burglary patrol team that is responsible to look for these persons suspected of being involved or has in the past for being notorious for burglaries; we also have the motorcycle patrol that continues with their active patrol. What happened and it strikes me that there is no doubt; one we need to review those recently released from prison persons who are known to be burglars, we need to go into that all year, again we have a number of parolees, person who have been convicted for burglary that we need to review those who have been out on parole, then we also ask that the community plays it part because more than likely somebody knows something.”

The Corozal Police Formation reminds Corozaleños if they see any suspicious person or activity in their area to contact the police department immediately.

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