Screen_Shot_2014-08-04_at_7.53.09_PMThere was much to do over the weekend in just one place as the Orange Walk Town Council held the annual Fiesta Rama Business Expo. The event saw the participation of many business establishments and proved to be popular with the public once more. Here is a look of what the event had in store for visitors.

Dalila ical – Reporting

There was much to see and do at this year’s Fiestarama Business Expo. Food and drinks abounded as every year and according to the Mayor Kevin Bernard, there were more businesses taking part in the event.

And there were all sorts of products on display and on sale, anywhere from large scale companies to the small and even micro businesses were out promoting their products.

Caribe Beer Promoter - Fiesta Rama Participant

“We have Caribe, we have Stag Beer and we have the Mcasson Stout and we have a promotion going on three for ten dollars and the minute you guy you get a ticket for a raffle for some six packs of Caribe and we also going to raffle a case of Caribe today right after the Abraxus Band comes on.”

Bowen and Bowen - Fiesta Rama Participant

“Today we are promoting our chocolate stout and our Galaxy beer that is our two seasonal beers for this year along with our full throttle.”

Soy Sauce Producers - Fiesta Rama Participant

“Este es un alimento es muy bueno y nutritivo y queremos que todo Beliceño lo pruebe y sire para diferentes cosas como para marinar sus carnes, el arroz, pastas, y hay unos que hasta en licor lo ponen.  Hacemos todo el proceso y estamos viendo que los traigamos aquí en el norte.”

And there were new activities this year as well, one of them being the paint ball game.

And while the event seeks to provide a space for wholesome family entertainment, Mayor Bernard says proceeds are invested in a project for young people.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor of Orange Walk Town

“What we will do again for the third year now we have invested whatever proceed that we have had back to our summer program, it is a work program that we offer, the first year we did a hundred students, last year we did a hundred and fifty students, this year we are looking at two approach we are going to assist a hundred  students and whatever other funds if we estimate our profits the way we want it projected it to be then we are going to inject some funds into our infrastructure capital project that we want to do because this is what the town needs, the town wants to see more street improved at the same time we need to give back to our community and by doing that we will offer those young people a little assistance so that they could also offset some of those expenses that they have to incur for education.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“In the past this program has been very successful, I assume?”

Kevin Bernard – Mayor of Orange Walk Town

“Well, for the past two years this council has definitely been the one that has reported the financials of the Fiesta Rama, I am not sure if they have ever reported any success but since we got in we have been able to report our profits in fact the first year we had a profit of about eleven thousand, the second year a little over twenty one thousand and this year we would want to at least match last year or even more.”

The event proved another success this year and as in the past two years, Mayor Bernard says they will be letting the public know how much revenue was made for the event.

The FIestarama 2014 was kicked off on Friday night and continued on until late Sunday night.

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