bus2Last night we brought you a first segment on the Orange Walk Bus Terminal, where vendors have been placed over open, dirty, clogged and muddy drains to sell food to commuters and passers-by. Thats only one very serious problem with the terminal, which is also located in a bad area which is now completed congested with traffic. Then theres the infrastruture which is totally inadequate and the fact that the compound and its surrounds is covered in mud after a couple hours of rainfall. two the infrastructure is inappropriate and three, which is the worst, the compound gets muddy during the rainy season. Vendors say they are not the only ones being affected by the relocation of the so called bus terminal because commuters are also feeling the effect.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

Garbage and mud - that’s what surrounds vendors and commuters at the new bus terminal. Due to its inadequacy it is a place where vendors don’t want to be, but in these hard economic times all they can do is vent about the situation and hope that someone listens to their cries as they continue to sell their products on top of drains.

But vendors are not the only ones having to deal with the situation because commuters are also being affected on a daily basis, especially during the rainy days when the terminal’s compound turns into a muddy swamp.

Vendor 1

“You can what it right now people will walk in mud and water and all that water that will come off that high land will run right down to where people need to be sheltered. I think that is ridiculous but one next important thing we have to watch the local people that don’t have transportation. The village people they have to stay to the next side where there is no shelter and for them to shelter when it is bad weather how will they come all the way around just to shelter when the bus come the bus is way over that side and they are way over this side because they have to shelter those are things that they need to fix.”

Vendor 2

“Lo que me estoy dando cuenta que es injusto a que veo a la gente que están viniendo bajo la lluvia por sus órdenes de ellos a que esperen el bus aquí, como diciendo ellos dando órdenes y tú tienes que llevar las ordenes que ellos piden. Mucha gente está reclamando en ello pero nadie sale a hablar y nadie dice nada pero entre el bus empiezan a comentar de ello. Como todos los días que estoy viniendo yo veo a la pobre gente bajo la lluvia. Señoreas de edad y gente que tiene negocios en las aldeas y vienen a comprar sus mercancías, ellos tienen que ver todo eso pero a ellos no les importa eso o no le ponen atención.”

The relocation of the bus terminal has also affected the business for vendors because all of them are jammed up in one place. This makes it even more difficult to sell, says one man, but despite the fact that he has spoken to the Mayor of Orange Walk Town, it was as if speaking into deaf ears.

Vendor 2

“Como tantas lluvias que ya están viniendo y mucho lodo, por ejemplo, se me callo mis chips en el lodo y ahora lo tengo que limpiarlo y la gente ve todo eso y la otra cosa es que los buses de las aldeas recogen a la gente y se van y uno no puede ni vender nada hace como antes y de tantos venteros que hay. Yo estaba sugiriendo a Mayor, que es Mr. Phillip, que como él había dicho antes que cuando termine haya van hacer que los buses de las aldeas coo de San Pablo, San Jose, Progresso son los que van a ir al centro por la gente de las aldeas que van a comprar en el mercado, en SP, en el centro y más comodidad a que ellos lleguen a bus más cerca y hacía uno ya puede dividir a los venteros porque hay muchos venteros como sardina en lata, estamos bunch-up. Antes todos vendíamos bien ahora si hiciste cuarenta oh cincuenta dólares por el día ahora ni eso puedes hacer y si no te pones al día no vendes nada porque somos demasiados venteros.”

busWhen we contacted the Public Health Department this afternoon to see if any inspector would be visiting the terminal to inspect the selling area, no one answered our calls. But were sure it wont take an expert to determine that selling food over open drains is unsanitary and a serious health risk.

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