No_Image_AvailableIn our previous newscast we told you about a fire that completely destroyed a house in Carmelita Village. The house belonged to Sara Pech and was located in the middle of her yard where other wooden structures surround it.


The house was apparently set ablaze by Pech’s son, 23 year old Andy Rhaburn around one on the morning of Saturday, August second. Fire officials say that by the time they arrived at the scene of the blaze the house was completely engulfed and the family lost everything inside. The total cost of the loss amounts to some six thousand dollars and it was not insured.


Pech spoke with us off camera and said that while she does not know what drove her son to set fire to her house, she says it may be out of anger as she had taken him to court in an effort to get him out of her residence. Pech says he had been troublesome and on Friday, the court ordered him to evacuate the premise within two days. Andy Rhaburn was living in the house alone.


At the time of the fire, police launched a search for Rhaburn. Pech says she has made a formal report and police are investigating this latest case of arson.

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