pic330 residents of San Jose and Guinea Grass have completed a ten month vocational training in a sewing project under the auspices of the Social Investment Fund. A release from the basic needs trust fund says the Government of Belize financed the project in the northern communities to a tune of over $51 thousand dollars through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank. The training was a component of the San Jose Multi-purpose centre and Guinea Grass multipurpose centre sub projects implemented by SIF.

Sewing was identified by the women’s groups as a skill since many of the, buy custom-made school uniforms or sometimes travel to other communities in search of a seamstress. Acquiring this skill, will allow these women to sew uniforms for their children and other families are reasonable prices.


Besides the sewing of uniforms, the women’s group has identified the following dewing product lines that could allow them to produce household items such as decorative kitchen curtains, aprons, mittens, chef caps, pillow cases and much more. The handmade items will be displayed for sale at the multipurpose centres as well as the Banquitas house of culture.

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