Screen_Shot_2014-08-08_at_7.38.03_PMThe Orange Walk Town Council held a neighborhood meeting in the San Lorenzo Housing Site last night and made a number of presentations. The following is a summary of what took place.

Victor Castillo – Reporting

Last night’s neighborhood meeting marked the thirtieth to be held by the Orange Walk Town Council. The meetings provide a space for concerns to be voiced and complaints made.  During the course of the meeting town councilors gave updates on projects or work being done under their respective portfolios and projected plans. Among these plans is the one to address the need for enhancing the market extension. Rozel Arana is responsible for markets.


Rozel Arana – Responsible for Markets

“We are currently working on a plan that will enhance the market extension; everyday people want to sale, people need to create, their money, they need to create income, everybody wants to become an entrepreneur but we need to have space, we need to find, create a plan that will work and that will suite everybody at the market.”

Another issue worthy of note is that of safety in our neighborhoods. Given the rampant crimes across the country, the council’s agenda also included a presentation on neighborhood watch formations and the Coalition Committee that was done by Armando Valdez.

Then there is the issue of revenue collection and its importance to financing projects within the town which was reiterated by the Mayor Kevin Bernard. And still on finances, the Mayor also addressed the issue of inherited debts.


Kevin Bernard – Mayor of Orange Walk Town

“We have met the old overdraft, the social security debt, the income tax debt and by the time we pay these things by the end of February of next year and we have agreed to pay these debt before the next elections we would have paid over $226,000.00 debt and that is apart from the proposed debt that Denny Grijalba is suing us, that is a part from the debt we met at Landy’s and sons, apart from the debt we met at RB’s, apart from the debt at San Martin Gas Station and apart from the debt we met at People’s Store and other places that they left huge bills for us to pay.”

Additional information shared was on street upgrades and other community project that should commence shortly such as the renovation of Central Park under the Belize Municipal Development project. That’s all in Town said the Mayor but San Lorenzo Housing Site residents should also see renovations in the area taking place.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor of Orange Walk Town

“We have our commitment to the people of San Lorenzo Housing site and that is why I am here to that we will not forget the people of San Lorenzo Housing site, shortly we will be coming in here to address of the drainage issues that I know it is a concern especially in this area, we have started some but we are going to continue in terms of cleaning those drains because we don’t want when the heavy rains starts to come in that we have flooding issues or so.”

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