Screen_Shot_2014-08-08_at_7.38.11_PMA group of approximately 40 women from across the country gathered today at Dreams Hall in Corozal Town as part of the 92nd AGM for the Public Service Union scheduled to kick off tonight.


Each year a workshop is carried out to enhance the women within the union in different areas and this year was no exception.

Tracey Gillett - chair lady of the Women’s Committee at the PSU

“Well actually what happened today is the eve of our next AGM which will be held tomorrow right here at the same venue, but at the eve we usually have some type of workshop and this year we are fortunately have a women’s workshop and our theme is “Facing more challenges” and celebrate our challenges so you celebrate and you face it, so it is women from across the country coming together with views, ideas and how we can move forward, the negative things we find positive of them and we expand it on, well this session will basically be train for trainers so basically whatever is learnt here, because we are all women’s rep by just of being a lady, so we go back to our respective districts and whatever we learnt here we share with our members and then in turn they take that back to their department and their other friends and even if you are standing at the tacos stand but something positive has to come out of it.”

Topics that were discussed include ways to improve women’s interpersonal skills and a medical session was also held. During the workshop, Brother Roy Davis elaborated on the PSU Constitution.

The workshop ran up to 3:30pm with closing remarks.

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