Screen_Shot_2014-08-08_at_7.38.11_PMAs mentioned before the break, the stage for the 92nd Annual General Meeting for the Public Service Union is set for this weekend in Corozal. The event is being held under the theme “PSU Preserving its Core value while strengthening partnerships with employers to encourage productivity and good characters among members.” Tricia Gillett, representative of the Public Service Union, spoke to us about some of the topics that will be discussed during the AGM.

Tracy Gillett – Chairlady Women’s Committee PSU

“We are coming together collectively as a country; we are putting what we have accomplished, what is not accomplished and trying t get a positive way forward.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“What are some of the methods that probably you all discussed about, what is in your agenda for this weekend?”


Tracy Gillett – Chairlady Women’s Committee PSU

“The agenda is basically like I said is to find a way forward, positively, in terms of membership; we have the membership but try to get them to participate, so that would be one of the main agenda to try to get the membership to participate, because in terms of women sitting in there, they have all been granted time off, so in terms of getting time off they are been paid so it has to be a check and balance, so whatever is learnt in there they took it back so for argument sake Corozal is doing something positive that the other portion of the district we are having problems in getting membership turning out, Corozal has a beautiful membership so we need to find out what is their strategy in getting their membership turned out so that is what we exchange views and ideas ad hope to expand on it.”

Official opening ceremonies kicked off at 7:00pm and activities will continue tomorrow Saturday with a Business session.

Tracy Gillett – Chairlady Women’s Committee PSU

“This evening we are having our opening ceremonies out here and it starts at seven and where the Mayor will be here, usually we have a motivational speaker and all that will be happening right here so basically form that we can get just about what we work this weekend, literally is a business session because this is where countrywide comes together, everybody, this is where we bring I our membership and this is where we get around the table and try to iron out all the details and where the wrinkles are try  and iron them out and then come like I said before with positive things and move forward.”

On Monday we will have a full detailed story of the weekend’s activity.

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