Over the weekend, Belize City was the hub for more bloodshed in the country where a total of 3 murders were recorded and another 9 persons shot, suffering varying degrees of injuries. The impact has not only gripped the crime ridden city but families who are now in mourn in what many are calling ‘senseless, baseless killings and shootings.’ The blood shed started on Friday night when 25 year old Mauricio Rodriguez was shot to the left shoulder and buttock while socializing in a yard.

Raheem_Crawford_DeceasedScenes of Crime personnel were out once more on the dawn of Saturday, as 20-year-old Raheem Crawford of 50 Gibnut Street, Belize City, was seen with a gunshot wound to the left side of his lower back and 25-year-old Kevin Faber of the same address received a gunshot wound to the left leg and rear of the neck.


Initial investigations revealed that about 3:49a.m., both persons were travelling on a motor bike on Gibnut Street, when a male person of dark complexion, wearing a grey cap covering his face, came out from behind a parked vehicle and fired several shots at them causing their injuries.


Raheem Crawford later succumbed to his injury while undergoing treatment. Police believe the motive was Gang Rivalry and they are seeking one man as investigation continues. Important to note is that Raheem Crawford was a suspect in the four (4) recent Murders, but due to lack of witness(s) support/cooperation no charges could have been levied on him.

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