We all know the important role teachers and principals play in the lives of our children. Some parents even so far as to say that school is their childs second home and to some extent they are right because students spend most of their time at school. But while students get to go home and relax and have long holidays, the same cannot be said for teachers because they are constantly participating in workshops to better off themselves and the education system. This summer teachers and principals will be participating in a Professional Development Workshop organized by the Ministry of Education. The workshop will assist teachers in obtaining credit hours and also receive training in a number of areas including alternative discipline.

carrilloEleanor Carrillo- Ministry of Education O/W

“The teachers will be able to address discipline in the classrooms in a different manner other than corporal punishment and we also have planning. For example, the Pre-school teachers will be doing their week in literacy, this year we are targeting literacy and they will also have the jump start to plan for the year. Every year the Pre-school teachers plan for their first week, their first unit and they are ready to start for September. Most of the teachers that will be attending the workshop will also be equipped with skills that they will put into practise when they go back into the classrooms and of course the district centre will be monitoring to ensure that these are placed and put into practice and that the teachers are trying to improve in whatever weaknesses they have and there will be follow up.”

It is expected that after the workshop is concluded teachers and principals will implement what they learned in their respective classes.

Eleanor Carrillo- Ministry of Education O/W

“The first week we will have different program for leadership, secondary and training for trainers, for the coaches, who will be doing the second week as well where we will be having the pre-schools, the primary schools, teachers all those two weeks will be full with activities with different workshops going on.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“What type of assistance do you believe this have or what type of impact does this have on teachers and principals after they have taken these types of workshops?”

Eleanor Carrillo- Ministry of Education O/W

“Well, we expect that teachers will put into practise what they get during the workshop and this will particularly help Principals as leaders as instructional leaders because the programs that we have set up for this summer are very efficient programs where we have identified weaknesses in the schools and we are addressing those particular weaknesses. Principals and teachers will take full advantage of that and we hope they will go back into their schools and put into practise what they have learned.”

The two week workshop will commence on August 5th. Teachers and principals interested in participating are asked to visit the Ministry of Education here in Orange Walk to sign up.

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