School is out and summer camps are in. To date a number of organizations are holding summer camps for children of all ages and Youth for the Future Orange Walk is not staying behind. From July 24th to the 30th, YFF will be holding a Regional Summer Camp at the Mary Hill Roman Catholic School in Corozal Town. The organization is catering for 150 youths between the ages of 15 and 20. But the camp is not going to be all about having fun; it is also going to be educational.

pattEdmer Patt- YFF O/W

“This summer camp will entail leadership training, self esteem training, drug awareness and healthy lifestyle. The summer camp will be for youths from 14 up to 19.”

Spaces are limited so anyone interested in taking part in the seven day summer camp is asked to contact Edmer Patt at telephone numbers 630-8368 or 302-0051 for more information.


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