zumbaHealth is the biggest key factor for self-confidence, having more energy, living a longer life, having less chance of getting sick, being less stressed, and feeling mentally and emotionally happier in general. But being healthy is a lifestyle choice and something that has to be achieved over time, not just overnight. In the Corozal District a group of women have decided to take the challenge and start living a healthy lifestyle and the first step in doing so is signing up for Zumba classes. The classes form part of a pilot program that deals with Zumba Cardio activity organized by Doctor Nelson Marin Manger of the Corozal Community Hospital.

Dr. Nelson Marin – Corozal Community Hospital

“Actually three weeks ago we started with the initiative of Honorable Pablo Marin in respect to healthy living and healthy lifestyle, he came to office and suggested that we start a Zumba Cardio workout Activity with the community so he came to the hospital asking if we could arrange a program that we can offer to the community three times a week; it would be every Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays, three times a week from 5:30 in the evening to 6:30 in the evening where an instructor will be coming in to give summer classes and cardio workout free for the public and everyone who is willing and has the initiative to come an do free exercise, we decided to start it at the part but then we will move it to Miami beach at the beach side and the nice breeze and so that is why we decided eventually where we will be doing it.”

According to Doctor Marin, 37 women have signed up so far for the activity. These women count with the assistance of a nutritionist to reach their goal of losing weight.

Dr. Nelson Marin – Corozal Community Hospital

“If we see that it continues and it builds  we are going to try to continue and have it for a full time, full year and continue with the program, last three weeks we started with twelve ladies, last week Thursday which was our last day from last week we ended up with thirty seven ladies signing up in the Zumba class and the cardio workout and to make it more complete we now have our nutritionist who is from the region and she joined also the initiative and now what we do is that any first timers that come she weighs them and she does a body mass index so that at the end of the month she is going to be doing a control on weight loss and body mass index loss and whoever she thinks requires any in debt consultation with her or any diet or interview with her then she will be conducting the interview here at the hospital and they would and have a full package so it is going to be all the exercise and the healthy eating and healthy living.”

The aim is to have 50 women register for the project. Zumba sessions go for about an hour and the exercise includes music with fast and slow rhythms, as well as resistance.

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