no_photoWith just a couple of weeks away for the opening of the new school year, the Corozal Police Youth Corp. is winding down on its summer programs. Today cadets sat in an important session with Julio Uk, Coordinator for the Build Belize Program in Traffic Safety.

Corporal Hernan Carcamo, attached to Community Policing at the Corozal Police Formation, told more about today’s session.

Caporal Hernan Carcamo - Community Policing

“Well today we are having a program for the Cadets, they are taking a program with Mr. Uk he is in charge for Belize and today they are taking a program in regards to traffic safety.”

Victor Castillo– Reporter

“When we are talking about traffic safety, how will this benefit the students?”

Caporal Hernan Carcamo - Community Policing

“Well, this will benefit the students because they will know more about the laws of traffic and especially when they go to school in their bicycles, by learning how to ride their bicycles on the right side and also how to cross the streets using the pedestrian ramps and respect also the laws of the road and that is all what they are learning.”


So far Cadets have been taking part in educational sessions where they learn life skills that assist them in staying out of troubles way.

Caporal Hernan Carcamo- Community Policing

“They had a camp just last two weeks at Benque and they spent a whole week there and they did different activities there like they learnt about anger management, discipline and also both the GREAT program and they were engaged in different games and they visited different areas like the Maya ruin at Xunantunich, Cahal Pech and also they visited Spanish Lookout and they are being also a part of the Cadets of the police operation and it is very good because they learn different things and they also get to know the country of Belize because every year they to different districts and also this avoids them in getting into trouble or getting out there using drugs or doing other things that they should not do and they are getting this traffic safety with Mr. Uk and learning about the traffic laws especially with the bicycles.”

Vanessa Vivas, one of the cadets, says the summer courses have taught her to be more responsible.

Vanessa Vivas– Cadet

“The actually teach me respect that is one of the main basically topic and they teach me discipline and also they teach me how to be responsible and like how I as the junior instructor I should be responsible for all the rest of the kids and at the same time they teach me although it is hard and rough you will learn something out of it.”

Presently more than 30 cadets are enrolled in the Corozal Police Cadet Program.

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