Screen_Shot_2014-08-13_at_8.25.46_PMThe three men accused of the brutal murder of Ramon Cervantes Senior in early July were back in court today and although their case was adjourned until September, family members of not only Cervantes but of Sonia Abac along with other community members, were present by the court in support of the families and demanding justice. Here is a look at what transpired this morning.

Dalila Ical- Reporting

Sylvia Gillett – Protester

“We need justice and the justice system in Belize is falling and the crime is pouring over to all the districts.”

And this plea for justice was accentuated by this scenario outside the court house this morning - Vilma Cervantes, wife of the late Ramon Cervantes Senior and Sonia Abac’s mother, Juana Angela Menchu Hernandez stood side by side while the three men accused of Cervantes’ murder re-appeared in court.

Ramon Cervantes Junior- Son of Ramon Cervantes Senior

“This is not just justice for us but for everyone else, we see it happening in Belize City and all over.”

Ramon Cervantes Senior and Sonia Abac’s bodies were found in the same vicinity only days apart. There are some eerie similarities between the deaths of both individuals but authorities have shed little light on that regard. All the media has been told is that they may be connected as Abac is alleged to have been slain at the hands of thirty seven year old Manuel Castillo, also known as “Pelon”, who has been accused by police of being the ringleader of the gang that abducted Cervantes. Her brother, Pablo Misael Abac and his mother traveled from Guatemala City to also find out how his sister’s case has progressed and demand justice.

Pablo Misael Abac – Brother to Sonia Abac

“Nosotros venimos de Guatemala a Belice para exigir justicia que no quede impune ese asesinato porque mi hermana era una buen persona que le gustaba Belice ella venía a trabajar y queremos atreves de ustedes pedirles a la policía que haga justicia. Sabemos que ya hay algunos capturados y si ay más implicados les pedimos ayuda para que los capturen y que no quede en el olvido el asesinato de Sonia. Ahorita queremos ir a hablar con el oficial que está llevando el caso para ver cómo va el proceso si han avanzado en algo, si están investigando o noh para así nosotros poner nuestra ayuda. De dónde venimos esta lejísimos pero vamos a tratar de buscar una forma de poder venir a ver que se haga justicia. Ella era buena persona y no merecía morir así. Ella dejo tres hijos y ellos también querían venir pero no les dieron sus papeles pero ellos también quieren que se haga justicia.”

Still, police are yet to charge someone in the murder of Sonia Abac and the Cervantes murder case is far from closed. Twenty two year old Guatemalan national Noe Daniel Gonzalez, twenty-eight year old Mateo Pott, a Belizean mason of Trial Farm in the Orange Walk District; and nineteen year old Angel Antonio Cardenas, a Belizean construction worker, also of Trial Farm were brought to court this morning only to have the case adjourned to September 17th.

Since the discovery of Cervantes’ body, his son has been vocal about their displeasure in the way the case was being handled. Today he says the family knows next to nothing on its progress.

Ramon Cervantes Junior- Son of Ramon Cervantes Senior

“I haven’t received any official report as to the progress of the investigation so frankly I do not know how the investigation is so I would not want to comment because I do not know how far they have gotten in the investigation. You know it’s hard, because my father was taken away from us violently before his time and also we have to keep on moving, we have to keep on working seeing that employees get paid, that customers get served. We have to keep on living a normal life. It’s hard but a lot of people are supporting us in many ways and that’s what is keeping us up, you know, gives us the strength to go on every day. This is not just justice for us, but for everyone else. We see it happening in Belize City and all over."

But he’s not alone; Abac’s common law husband says he too knows nothing of his companion’s murder.

Screen_Shot_2014-08-13_at_8.26.04_PMAlejandro Perez- Abac’s common-law-husband

“No, no yet.”

Dalila Ical- Reporter

“Have you approached the police asking if there are any new details into the case?”

Alejandro Perez- Abac’s common-law-husband

“Today is August 13th and I knew they would be back so I came to see them. But that is it police is not telling me anything, nothing.”

The families also received support of friends including elected politicians, and community members, who held placards demanding the law be upheld and swiftly. Sylvia Gillett was among those who gathered by the courthouse.

Sylvia Gillett- Concerned resident

“If we don’t get proper investigation and proper justice we will never free the country and the different districts of the crimes that is happening in this country and that is what we want, we want justice but we want it to be done properly and proper investigation that can lead to convictions and not people walking away and get charge with murder and they walking away so that is why we are here and are fighting to see the justice system changes in Belize.”

The trio has been charged for murder, keeping a firearm without a gun license for a 12-gauge pump action shotgun with an unknown serial number and keeping unlicensed ammunition as police found five 12-gauge cartridges in their possession. Police have named the primary suspect in the case to be thirty-seven year old Manuel Castillo, also known as “Pelon”.


Authorities believe he is the ringleader of the gang accused of abducting Cervantes. Castillo was also named on the charge sheet, although he is currently on the run with his girlfriend. Cervantes Sr. was abducted from his cane field on the San Roman Road in Orange Walk on Tuesday, July 1. His corpse was discovered four days later in a shallow grave, partially decomposed about five miles into the Honey Camp Road.

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