The circumstances surrounding the abduction and subsequent murder of Ramon Cervantes Senior continues to perplex the community and even more so the family. Police have not seemed to advance much since the three men; Noe Daniel Gonzalez, Mateo Pott and Angel Antonio Cardenas were charged in the case. Notwithstanding that, there have been numerous stories emerging surrounding the details of the investigation.


Among these is the allegation of a list in which numerous business men are named and purported to be targets for kidnapping. Within that list, it is understood is the name of Ramon Cervantes Junior. Today, we asked him whether this has affected his sense of security in his day to day routine.

Screen_Shot_2014-08-13_at_8.25.21_PMRamon Cervantes Junior- Son of Ramon Cervantes Senior

“I heard about a list. I haven’t seen a list. It’s something just that the Police told me and high officers in the Police told me. I haven’t seen it. I have heard out there that I am next. But you know I fear the face of no man nor his skin. I only fear God and I will live my life as normal as I can and whoever wants to try to kill me…I’m as ready as I can be, but only God knows my future. You know I won’t let many decide my future. I am afraid of no man, only God.”

As we have reported before, there is not much that police have made public on the Cervantes case. We will keep following the story as it unfolds.

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