Belizes National Football Team will be able to play against Montserrat…thats the good news coming out of the FFB tonight. But the bad news is that despite the fact that FIFA provisionally lifted the suspension against the FFB until August 17th, so that the game against Montserrat can take place, Belizeans will be deprived from seeing the Belizean team play on Belizean soil because the match wont take place here in the country.

Following information provided by the FFB, FIFAs Emergency Committee decided to temporarily lift the suspension with the condition that the game against Montserrat not be played in Belize in order to avoid the risk that the Belizean authorities do not provide a security guarantee as was the case for the 19th of June game.

So, the game will be played, but if by August 15th the FFB has not been registered by the National Sports Council the suspension will automatically be reinstated. The question now - is one month enough time for both the FFB and the National Sports Council to come to an agreement? Thats what we asked the Vice President of the FFB today.

pechBernaldino Pech- Senior Vice President FFB

“On our part it is more than enough time but we can’t speak for the National Sports Council or for the Government and that is what I will repeat that it is important that the people of Belize show their dissatisfaction and continue to write in to the area representatives and call in to the talk shows so that we can out some pressure on the Government to not allow this to continue. This is a lot more than just the national team playing because as it is we don’t have access to any of the facilities of the NSC and that hurts every young boy in every district or town because schools are out and they are idle and as they say an idle mind is the devils workshop.”

And despite the fact that you might believe the FFB won round one, it was really not so because according to FIFA, even if Belizes National Team qualifies against Montserrat, the FFB will be disqualified from the rest of the World Cup qualifiers if they have not been registered by the August 15th deadline.

Bernaldino Pech- Senior Vice President FFB

“It is sad first of all that we have to play our games outside of our borders. Certainly any individual who loves the sport knows that, that would be extremely difficult for the country because it is not as simple as parading a new so called federation and then writing to FIFA back a couple of months down the line and say we want to come back in. If it comes to that we might be expelled I don’t know ten years or maybe even longer so, we would like to appeal to National Sports Council and to the government of Belize, if the Prime Minister has intervene but it is very important to doesn’t come to that final funning out of patience by FIFA because it would really be serious for all the entire aspirations of the young men and young women who are involve in the sport of football.”

According to Pech it has not been decided where, when and at what time the match against Montserrat will be played, but it must be played before the 17th of July.

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