elvinDuring the media round table Ambassador Moreno also spoke on another issue of national interest, the Elvin Penner case. Ambassador Moreno was asked if the US will revoke Penner’s visa as they did back in 2003 to former PUP Minister Maxwell Samuels after he was involved in an immigration scandal. While the Ambassador did not go into details on the issue, he did mention that Belize’s Government should take the matter seriously.

H.E. Carlos Moreno, US Ambassador to Belize

"I can't comment on individual cases. That question is probably be directed to Minister Penner or Mr. Penner himself as to whether his VISA has been revoked. As to any efforts by the US Embassy to revoke his VISA since that's a matter - it really raises questions of privacy and the institution and workings of the counselor section. I should not really comment on that. 
Let me add, I think that the integrity of the process whether it's in the issuance of the passport or VISA - any kind of official document that has the of a government official should be scrutinize carefully, should be treated very seriously the government in question. I say that because countries rely heavily on the authenticity and the integrity of documents that are presented to us when that traveler comes to another country and if we don't have that essential element of rule of law with respect of the integrity of these documents then I think we are in serious trouble."

Ambassador Moreno also spoke on Human Trafficking other topics. We will bring you more of the media round table in Monday’s newscast.

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