Screen_Shot_2014-08-15_at_7.59.04_PMA Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis workshop was held today at the Agriculture Department in Corozal. The workshop was attended by members of the community from both rural and urban areas. The objective was to arm participants with the right tools on how to respond in case of a natural Disaster. Among the participants was Willard Levy, Coordinator for the National Emergency Management Organization in Corozal.

Willard Levy – NEMO

“Well actually what we are doing is that we are having a workshop about Damage Assessment, it is called the DANA, which means the Damage Assessment Needs Analysis, this is one of the most key committees in NEMO’s structure that does the assessments of damages after any disaster and is most important because what reports are made from that is what assistance is given to people affected in terms of agriculture, housing and households and everything.”


Victor Castillo – Reporter

“So this is a joint effort to assess in other words?”

Willard Levy – NEMO

“Yes, this is the committee where all the committees get together make their report based on their finding of their assessments, they make that report to DANA and they compiles the information and submits that to the National Headquarters.”

According to Levy, despite that this year’s hurricane season is not active; one should always be on guard.

Willard Levy – NEMO

“We are getting ready should in case there is a need for any situation for the next half of the hurricane season, we have been fortunate so far, I always advocate into the fact that people should always be prepared, get ready, don’t be caught by surprise, don’t expect that nothing will happen, we hope that nothing happens but be ready should in case there is something.”

The DANA committee is responsible for the coordination of resources to effect the rapid assessment of damages resulting from disasters. Assessment reports generated by DANA, serve to inform national humanitarian responses, early recovery efforts and approaches to the international community for projects aimed at replacing damage infrastructure and other systems with mitigation.

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